Scouts Focus on Crocus

2 October 2010

This afternoon a small group of Scouts joined with the Rotary Club of Sedgley and Wombourne (see their website here) and planted 5000 crocus bulbs in Wombourne, near the maypole.

This year R.I.B.I. (Rotary International British Isles) is promoting ‘Focus on the Crocus’ to promote peoples’ awareness of its aim to eradicate polio.  4 million crocus bulbs (13.5 tonnes) have been purchased and the Sedgley and Wombourne Club, with the support of the South Staffordshire District Council and the help of 3rd Wombourne Scouts, in October planted 5,000 ruby giant purple flowering crocus bulbs in the grass verges close to the Maypole on Windmill Bank.  These should be in flower on Wednesday 23rd February, 2011, Rotary Awareness Day, and will act as an annual reminder to everyone of Rotary’s considerable achievement.  The significance of planting ‘purple’ crocus bulbs is because children’s little finger is given a tiny dab of purple colour indicating they have been innoculated against the deadly virus.  ‘Purple Pinkie Power’ has helped save the lives of many millions of children.  A donation of just £1.00 will protect five children!

Scouts help Rotary Club